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Re: AmigaONE && Debian (unstable?)

Quoting Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr>:

> > Naturaly this is a semi-official Debian GNU/Linux effort! EVERYTHING will end
> > up in 'official distribution'. That's the whole point.
> Yeah, but you suffer from the "let's make it perfect before we merge it in"
> syndrom.

True enough. Maybe that's a flaw, but I reccon the PPC people @ kernel.org won't
accept anything in the state it's in now.

> > I was 'donated' this machine in the sole purpose in getting OFFICIAL support for
> > the AmigaONE in Debian GNU/Linux. Holding back on ANYTHING will void our agreement.
> So, why didn't you do so ? In all this past year i never saw a patch and
> bugreport from you ? And it took me from december to around now to get proper
> d-i support for the pegasos.

Did what? Produce patches? Didn't you read the thread? I got it three days ago!
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