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Re: AmigaONE && Debian (unstable?)

Quoting Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr>:

> > What Debian packages? ;)
> The debian kernel packages.

There was/is no kernel packages! There's only a kernel and a root image:

majorskan:/mnt/chroots/ppc-a1/image# find -type f

This is it! NOTHING else have ever been produced! This is the full content of
Ross' boot CD.

That's why I'm here. To make this 'propperly' and officially. Create EVERYTHING
that's ever going to be inside Debian GNU/Linux. This includes (but not limited
to) debian installer support and kernel package(s).

> You said you wanted to have it ready to move
> upstream, meaning the upstream kernel trees, i guess. This will never happen
> for 2.4 kernels now. And then there was amiga-fdisk.

I'm only interessted in 2.4 (at this moment). That's what's bootable, I'll leave
kernel hacking to those that feel urged to do this.

I'll get working on 2.6 when/if I/we have everything else...
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