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Re: AmigaONE && Debian (unstable?)


Sven Luther wrote:

Bah, that means that the A1 people will again do their own hack for debian
support probably. Ah well, i don't really care.

There is no "A1 people". There is just myself, Ken, and Turbo who own AmigaOnes, AFAIK. Everyone else who ever did anything to do with Linux on the A1, no longer does it.

MAI does seem to do Linux stuff in-house, but since they are not particularly communicative and do not appear to be interested in Debian or in sharing their stuff, I wouldn't put much stock in it..

Btw, my quick and dirty port of the Debian Woody installer to the AmigaOne was a hack, but I did do it AGES ago, when there was nothing on the AmigaOne (except an old version of SuSe), and the only kernel we had was the quick and dirty 2.4.19. I didn't get paid to do that work, and I didn't get any free hardware to do it either (unlike some people), so give me a break.



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