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Re: AmigaONE && Debian (unstable?)

Quoting Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr>:

> > The 'linux-kernel-di-powerpc' package from the 'debian installer' will
> > depend on this (and the 'kernel-{image,modules}-2.4.25-amigaone' packages
> > which will in turn be built using the source kernel package above) to make
> > the installer aware of AmigaONE.
> Ok, so what is your plan ? Build your own forked debian-installer, or
> contribute your changes back to the main debian kernel ? 

Naturaly this is a semi-official Debian GNU/Linux effort! EVERYTHING will end
up in 'official distribution'. That's the whole point.

> Also notice that powerpc is phasing out the 2.4.x kernels in favor of the
> 2.6.x ones, which will be installable by default, so if you would be able to
> forward patch those, it would be really great, and we may even consider adding
> them to the debian kernel package, altough i fear what Christoph will have to
> say from a 1.8MB patch. Is all this really necessary ?

The only part that's relevant is a patch that's ~28Kb. The 1.8Mb you (might have)
seen at the URL was faulty. It contained a lot of .orig and .rej that I've forgot
to remove from the 'old' directory, but DID remove from the 'new'...

Porting this to 2.6 shouldn't be IMPOSSIBLE. Have no 'intention' to do this at
this moment. If everything works OK with 2.4, then I might take on the task
on porting to 2.6, but I rather have a 'real kernel hacker' do this for me :)

> I had a quick look at it, and there is two remarks i can do :
>   1) please call those amigaone-2.4.25.diff, as they should.

I'm already doing that. Just not on the URL shown, but in the package (and/or
the patch you'll get 'eventually' - i.e. when I've had a chanse to test it for
real :).

>   2) it would be nice to remove all those .orig files cluttering the patch,
>   and you may bring the size down a bit. Also, please resolve :
>   linux-2.4.25.PowerPC/arch/ppc/boot/Makefile.rej 

Sorry, forgot that. 

> Also, are those patches against the kernel-source-2.4.25 package, or against
> the kernel-source + kernel-patch-2.4.25-powerpc package ? 

The latter... However, there's the 'amigaone-powerpc.patch.txt' which I'm not
sure about...

The raw/semiraw AmigaONE patch 'created' a powerpc patch, where (a large) parts
of this is availible in the kernel-patch-2.4.25-powerpc ppc patch. At the URL,
I've put the missing parts in the file amigaone-powerpc.patch.txt. I'm not sure
exactly what that is (yet), but it doesn't look AmigaONE specific. More like a
'backport' of some kind... It also contain two .rej files, which I was not able
to resolve (quickly). That's how I ended up with the conlusion that it was/must
be a backport..

If someone regognise them, good. Othervise I'll have to dig through kernel
source(s) to see if I can find where they originate...

> Finally, i will be releasing a 2.4.26 powerpc kernel package next week, so
> please provide a diff against this one (kernel-source + powerpc patch).

Fair enough. I'll do 2.4.25 packages localy to test the kernel with, and when
you release 2.4.26 I'll 'port' everything to that...

> > Everything here is already done localy. I just have get my AmigaONE installed
> > so I can start building packages for the PPC :)
> Bah, please don't go the same way this happened last year, and have a thought
> at providing the packages back upstream, altough i believe it may well be too
> late for the sarge release by now, at least for debian-installer which is very
> near the release.

I was 'donated' this machine in the sole purpose in getting OFFICIAL support for
the AmigaONE in Debian GNU/Linux. Holding back on ANYTHING will void our agreement.

I alredy expected that it would be to late for sarge, no worries. My main goal
is to get it SUPPORTED, not in getting it supported NOW...

Btw, what happened last year that you refer to?
PLO supercomputer iodine Delta Force jihad BATF colonel Albanian 747
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