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dual 1.8GHz G5 broken? (was: Installing on a dual G5)


Miro Jurišić writes:

> First off, I have a dual 1.8 GHz G5.  I wouldn't expect that to
> matter, but there is one significant difference in the hardware: PCI
> (on my machine) vs. PCI-X (on yours).

Then it's the entry-level model of the new product line.  That
explains a lot.  There may be a whole lot of pitfalls lurking in
there, apart from PCI vs. PCI-X, that need to be fixed in the upstream

> Second, what exactly do you mean by "kernel did boot" but didn't get
> "into the installation system"?

In both cases, the kernel booted through and started d-i.  But
install-power4-2.6 does not detect the keyboard and therefore sits at
the country chooser, which happens to be the first time when you're
supposed to press enter.  While install-power4 gets beyond that, it
hangs when trying to load the legacy floppy driver.

> you are farther ahead than I am.


> My yaboot is 1.3.12, btw. The last message I see is "openpic2:
> exit", which I believe is in the kernel?

It's part of the very early (read: I don't understand what's going on
at this point) boot process.

Regards, Jens.

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