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Re: General LinuxPPC question ...

On 29/05/04, Marcin Kurek (morgoth6@box43.pl) wrote:
> The question is why use Linux on PowerPC and not on x86 architecture ? I
> think there is no way to avoid such question durning the show and currently
> I can't answer to it. Of coz I know the good sides of PowerPC CPU's (low
> power consumption, AltiVec, fast context-switches) but what about Linux, I
> need some info in context of LinuxPPC system.

I use iBooks because the hardware is pretty good, highly portable and
inexpensive. Also my new G3 iBook is very portable. However I want to
run the same OS in the same way as my x86 servers, firewalls and
client's machines running in co-location facilities. For me Linux,
specifically Debian GNU/Linux gives this wondeful continuity across

Rory Campbell-Lange 

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