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Re: General LinuxPPC question ...

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linux also has vastly superior hardware support.
eg. Any usb device supported by linux can be run on my
debian ibook. macosx doesnt even really come close.

this hardware compatability extends into pci as well
(linux supports many more sound, network cards etc)
but i havent had the pleasure.

unless someone would like to donate me a g3 powermac
or something. contact me and ill arrange shipping

one thing about linux on ppc is that because macs
ship in standard configurations. you have a good chance
all your hardware will work without conflicts. ive
never had a problem with conflicts on linux/i386
unless i get into crazy kernel patches and experimental
drivers (like voodoo3 tv, with tdfx and logitech quickcam
with aureal vortex 2 sound)
so much fun though


Lee Braiden wrote:
| Marcin Kurek wrote:
|> The question is why use Linux on PowerPC and not on x86 architecture ? I
|> think there is no way to avoid such question durning the show and
|> currently
|> I can't answer to it. Of coz I know the good sides of PowerPC CPU's (low
|> power consumption, AltiVec, fast context-switches) but what about
|> Linux, I
|> need some info in context of LinuxPPC system.
| I think the ones you mention are important.  Also, many people prefer
| the long battery life, design qualities etc. of iBooks to PC notebooks.
| I think the most important is that a lot of people HAVE PowerPC
| machines, and so Linux for PowerPC is what they need :)
| If you're asking why run Linux instead of OS X or whatever... it's just
| better.  For me, it's better, at least.  I tried OS X, but KDE is much
| nicer -- faster, and more complete.  The range of (Free/GPL/OpenSource)
| software is much better, and Debian can provide a very similar OS across
| 11 different architectures, which is not to be sniffed at for admins :)
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