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General LinuxPPC question ...


I have maybe a bit strange question for this ML, but I hope I will be able
to get some answers here.

I was forced to make a symphosium about Pegasos/MorphOS the 
presentation will me maked on Pegasos 2 machines (www.pegasosppc.com). 
One part of the presentation is a Linux presentation and this is my problem.
I know MorphOS (www.morphos.net) well but not linux.

The question is why use Linux on PowerPC and not on x86 architecture ? I
think there is no way to avoid such question durning the show and currently
I can't answer to it. Of coz I know the good sides of PowerPC CPU's (low
power consumption, AltiVec, fast context-switches) but what about Linux, I
need some info in context of LinuxPPC system.

Anyone want to give a try to answer such question ? This can make some
things for me much easier I think. I will be happy with only teoretical
answers and with as much technical as possible answers too.

If someone knows a good url witch some infos I will be happy.

BTW Realy sorry I know my english sucks a bit ;)

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