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Re: 802.11g on an ibook?

Quoth Rob Latham <rob@terizla.org>:
> linux-wlan-ng works great with the dwl-122, debian unstable, and
> 2.6.3-benh2 (and presumably any recent 2.6 kernel.org kernel).  Had
> some problems on yellowdog but they went away when we upgraded the
> hotplug scripts.  

Ok, I think I'll look for a DWL-122. I'm fed up with booting OS X just
to have WLAN access, and it doesn't seem that there will be an Airport
Extreme driver for Linux soon.

I have successfully compiled linux-wlan-ng for 2.6.5-rc3-ben0. It told
me that 2.6-support is still experimental, but as you are successfully
using it it should work for me, too.

> Just make sure to read the whole README.... I missed some important
> wlanctl-ng commands, causing me some frustration when things
> apparently didn't work :>


Thanks & bye, Michael

I am a bomb technician. If you see me running try to keep up!

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