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Re: General LinuxPPC question ...

Marcin Kurek wrote:

The question is why use Linux on PowerPC and not on x86 architecture ? I
think there is no way to avoid such question durning the show and currently
I can't answer to it. Of coz I know the good sides of PowerPC CPU's (low
power consumption, AltiVec, fast context-switches) but what about Linux, I
need some info in context of LinuxPPC system.
I think the ones you mention are important. Also, many people prefer the long battery life, design qualities etc. of iBooks to PC notebooks.

I think the most important is that a lot of people HAVE PowerPC machines, and so Linux for PowerPC is what they need :)

If you're asking why run Linux instead of OS X or whatever... it's just better. For me, it's better, at least. I tried OS X, but KDE is much nicer -- faster, and more complete. The range of (Free/GPL/OpenSource) software is much better, and Debian can provide a very similar OS across 11 different architectures, which is not to be sniffed at for admins :)

Lee Braiden

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