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Re: swsusp/pmdisk status on ppc?

On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 10:56:46AM +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > In january, Ben H. posted a version of pmdisk that worked on a pismo.
> > He said today on irc that others (like Michael Schmitz) fixed stuff
> See my post to this list with my current patch for 2.6.5-rc3-ben0. Might
> also apply to 2.6.5-linus with minimal fuss.
I'm having some problems with current pmdisk (benh's patch forward
ported to 2.6.5 plus minimal fixups) on my 12" pbbook:

When suspending pmdisk calls resume_device again. This resumes the usb
devices too which is fine for the first two hubs ( 0001:01:1{8,9}.0 but
I'm catching a machine check exception when it tries to resume
0001:01:1a.0. It happens when usb_hcd_pci_resume() calls
hcd->driver-resume() for that device.
According to the kernel trace this function is never called and
according to my printk debugging the code right before that code is
being executed. I'm puzzled and would welcome any hints.

The 0001:01:1a.0 hub doesn't seem to be one with external ports, so
maybe only the modem is connected to it?  Will have to check in the
darwin sources.
 -- Guido

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