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Re: swsusp/pmdisk status on ppc?

> In january, Ben H. posted a version of pmdisk that worked on a pismo.
> He said today on irc that others (like Michael Schmitz) fixed stuff

See my post to this list with my current patch for 2.6.5-rc3-ben0. Might
also apply to 2.6.5-linus with minimal fuss.

> in his code. I've also seen that Pavel Machek wants to retire pmdisk
> from the kernel in favour of one implementation (swsusp).

Just great. Hope BenH finds time to write the necessara low level code.

> Since my last battery died today (and they cost quite much and won't
> last too long), I'm keen on getting some form of suspend-to-disk to
> work. Who has the best code for me and where? I have a powerbook g3
> lombard. (I don't have much kernel coding experience, but maybe I

Above mentioned patch should work for you (I have the same Powerbook).


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