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Re: Low battery -> power down + clock set back to 1904-01-01

I've done some tests with the 2.4.18 kernel, and I have the same
problem. I've noticed that when removing a full-charged battery
(either the first one or the second one), a light at the middle
of the rear of the machine fluctuates for a few seconds, then
switches off; I assume this is because there is no power left and
the machine is off too, as I can notice it when opening the lid
(the machine is off and when I switch it on, the date is back to
1904-01-01). Perhaps there is even less power when the battery is
almost empty.

Would it be possible to force the light to off when changing the
battery to use less power?

Is there a way to prevent the date from being reset to 1904-01-01?

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