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Re: Low battery -> power down + clock set back to 1904-01-01

On 2004-04-13 10:29:34 -0600, Sam George wrote:
>  So I believe you are saying that you have two batteries, and that when 

Yes I have two batteries (initially both charged, and after I got
the problem when swapping #1 to #2, I did the test with #2 only,
just to be sure that swapping battries could still work under
some conditions).

> you are using battery #2 (and it's charged?) put the machine to sleep, 
> remove the battery, wait a few seconds to simulate changing batteries 
> and then put battery #2 back in the machine successfully wakes from 
> sleep?


> But when you try the same scenario with battery #1 it fails?

No, this is not the same scenario. In this case, the machine was
automatically put to sleep because of the low charge; that's why
I had to change the battery.

BTW, I've just noticed another difference: I had kernel 2.4.25 at
this time (for the #1 -> #2 change). But as the default kernel is
2.4.18 on my machine and I had to power the machine on, it booted
with this kernel 2.4.18, and the test with the second battery
occurred with this kernel.

> >>ps. you meant 1984-01-01 not 1904-01-01 right?
> >
> >No, it was 1904.
> What kind of problem can cause this?

You can look at the latest discussion about these problems, started
on 2004-01-22.

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