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Re: Low battery -> power down + clock set back to 1904-01-01

On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 11:25, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> Same problem as before... :( But this time I was using the
> pbbuttonsd 0.5.10-1 package.
> To summarize, the battery of my PowerBook G4 got too low and the machine
> was put into sleep. I closed the lid, changed the battery, but when
> I reopened the lid, I noticed that the PowerBook was in fact off. And
> when I switched it on, the clock was set back to 1904-01-01. Here's a

Or maybe you just wasn't fast enough flipping the battery... I suspect
we don't power things down as efficiently than MacOS when going to sleep
(we just don't have the HW infos for some stuffs like the thermostat/fan
controllers and maybe a few others), thus we eat a bit more power when
in sleep mode. Also the amount of RAM is significant. That can affect
how long the machine survives without battery...


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