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Re: Low battery -> power down + clock set back to 1904-01-01

On 2004 Apr 13 , at 09:32, Vincent Lefevre wrote:

On 2004-04-13 08:37:51 -0600, Sam George wrote:
Another possibility you perchance did not consider is that your bridge
battery may be dead. The bridge battery sustains main memory while you
switch out the main battery.

Unlikely, as it did work when I removed the second battery and put it

It sounds as if there are more details to what you have tried thus far. So I believe you are saying that you have two batteries, and that when you are using battery #2 (and it's charged?) put the machine to sleep, remove the battery, wait a few seconds to simulate changing batteries and then put battery #2 back in the machine successfully wakes from sleep? But when you try the same scenario with battery #1 it fails?

ps. you meant 1984-01-01 not 1904-01-01 right?

No, it was 1904.

What kind of problem can cause this? I do not know of a setting which can represent 1904 in the hardware parameter ram on a G4 Ti book. I failed to even be able to set the hardware clock on a G4 Ti book to the year 1904. Let alone have that value be saved for the next boot.


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