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Re: xmms on Tibook running enlightenment

dotto@uchicago.edu wrote:
I know this problem could have numerous orirgins, but I haven't been able to get
sound from xmms on my Tibook Superdrive. I have tried xmms on both esound and
alsa drivers, but get no sound. I assume that esound is the correct choice,
since that is the driver for enlightenment, but I'm not certain. Other
applications have sound, so I know I've got a working driver, so I think it must
have something to do with the superdrive. Has anyone had any luck with a similar
setup, or should I be apt-getting another media player?

Most laptops do not have a connection between the CD drive's audio output port to the sound card. So CDs cannot be played in the normal mode. You can try some other players (like alsaplayer) which support digital/data model which reads the CD as data from the data cable.

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