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Re: xmms on Tibook running enlightenment

On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 17:24, Hong Jiang wrote:
> dotto@uchicago.edu wrote:
> > I know this problem could have numerous orirgins, but I haven't been able to get
> > sound from xmms on my Tibook Superdrive. I have tried xmms on both esound and
> > alsa drivers, but get no sound. I assume that esound is the correct choice,
> > since that is the driver for enlightenment, but I'm not certain. Other
> > applications have sound, so I know I've got a working driver, so I think it must
> > have something to do with the superdrive. Has anyone had any luck with a similar
> > setup, or should I be apt-getting another media player?
> Most laptops do not have a connection between the CD drive's audio 
> output port to the sound card. So CDs cannot be played in the normal 
> mode. You can try some other players (like alsaplayer) which support 
> digital/data model which reads the CD as data from the data cable.

XMMS has a option:

Preferences-> Select CD Audio Player, Click configure->then in Play Mode
chose "Digital audio extraction".

Juan Pablo Mendoza <jpablo@gnome.org>
Monterrey, Nuevo León. México.

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