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Re: xmms on Tibook running enlightenment

if that works for mp3, try playing /dev/cdrom with xmms-cdread plugin.
On ibook atleast, the audio cable from cd player to sound device is absent.

On Tue, 13 Apr 2004 22:50:19 +0100, 
David Pye gracefully wrote:
>A smart piece of troubleshooting for you to try here is to play
>something OTHER than an audio cd (ie an mp3) using xmms, and see if
>that works!
>On Tuesday 13 April 2004 22:41, dotto@uchicago.edu wrote:
>> I know this problem could have numerous orirgins, but I haven't been
>able> to get sound from xmms on my Tibook Superdrive. I have tried xmms
>on both> esound and alsa drivers, but get no sound. I assume that
>esound is the> correct choice, since that is the driver for
>enlightenment, but I'm not> certain. Other applications have sound, so
>I know I've got a working> driver, so I think it must have something to
>do with the superdrive. Has> anyone had any luck with a similar setup,
>or should I be apt-getting> another media player?
>> Thank you,
>> Derek Otto


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