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Re: 2.6.5 & iBook 2.2

On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 01:48, Kiko Piris wrote:
> > It would just reboot during boot-up, and it was a stock copy of your
> > .config. I'll make another post soon when it comes to 2.6.5, in the
> > meantime I'm giving 2.6.4 a try
> I would guess this is because you were using udev before trying mine (as
> I said before, I don't use udev).

Yes, udev was what gave me grief, and the fix by Mathieu made it work

> > Also, your .config didn't find eth0, but something else; eth1 was
> > detected just fine though
> Did you load sungem? Pearhaps you used gmac module for the ethernet (my
> kernel uses sungem).

Yes, I loaded sungem, but your .config didn't seem to, which was weird.
Not that I use eth0 (sungem), since I'm on wifi - but I did see error
messages being spewed on the screen for eth0

> > Plus, in 2.6.5, my M7 wasn't displaying properly in X - I'm using the
> > dri-trunk that I had while I was using 2.4.25
> Have you tried what Mathieu Segaud wrote on 04/04/2004 at 17:25 ?

Yes, my video issues are gone. I still can't mount the USB thumb drive.
And yes, it works fine in 2.4.x (even on the same box :) )
Colin Charles, byte@aeon.com.my

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