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Re: XFree86 touchpad driver on iBook

Quoth Colin Leroy <colin@colino.net>:
> Well on my gentoo it's /dev/uinput ;-) There's a parameter to mouseemu to 
> specify it.

Yes, I've seen this. But I'm lazy so I just changed the sources ;-)

>> >Scrollwheel emulation works, but while scrolling the cursor constantly
>> >moves from its current position to the right and bottom, no matter in
>> >what direction I scroll. Is this normal?
> Remove the two "+ 1" in function "annihilate_move()" ("why do I need to 
> add 1 !?". I have to add them for my pointer to stay still...

Done. Now it works fine. Do you have an idea what it depends on whether
"+ 1" is needed or not?

Anyway, thanks for this nice program.

Bye, Michael

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