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Re: XFree86 touchpad driver on iBook

On 29 Jan 2004 at 19h01, IoGuiX ''JGuillaume de Rorthais" wrote:


> >First of all I had no uinput support in the kernel, so I had to
> >recompile it. The documentation to that option says that the device
> >file is /dev/input/uinput, not /dev/uinput like mouseemu expects. As
> >none of those existed I decided to go with the kernel docs, created
> >/dev/input/uinput and changed the #define in mouseemu.h to point to that
> >file.
> >  
> >
> Like you...but I just recompil my kernel and mknod /dev/uinput...but 
> you're right...I will change like you

Well on my gentoo it's /dev/uinput ;-) There's a parameter to mouseemu to 
specify it.

> >Scrollwheel emulation works, but while scrolling the cursor constantly
> >moves from its current position to the right and bottom, no matter in
> >what direction I scroll. Is this normal?

Remove the two "+ 1" in function "annihilate_move()" ("why do I need to 
add 1 !?". I have to add them for my pointer to stay still...

> In my case, the cursor move slowly in the direction of the scroll...I 
> always need to re-point it in my current window...
> But it's work fine ! Thanks !

That's strange.
> >And BTW: why does your tool replace kernel emulation of right and middle
> >clicks? Can't you use normal kernel emulation and scrollwheel emulation
> >with your tool at the same time?
> >
> Good question...

Because BenH refused one of my patches concerning mouse button emulation,
stating this stuff should be done in userland and not kernelland. So I 
helped and wrote an alternative :-)

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