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Re: XFree86 touchpad driver on iBook

Quoth Colin Leroy <colin@colino.net>:
> Hi,


>> As the Synaptics driver doesn't work, can somebody point me to another
>> solution for these issues? I can live without a scrollwheel, but the
>> movement issues are really annoying.
> My little userland tool, which you can find at 
> http://geekounet.org/powerbook/files/mouseemu.tar.gz
> replaces kernel emulation of right and middle click, and adds a 
> basic scrollwhell emulation using a key as modifier.

Well, at least that's better than no scrollwheel. But now I ran into
some problems.

First of all I had no uinput support in the kernel, so I had to
recompile it. The documentation to that option says that the device
file is /dev/input/uinput, not /dev/uinput like mouseemu expects. As
none of those existed I decided to go with the kernel docs, created
/dev/input/uinput and changed the #define in mouseemu.h to point to that

Scrollwheel emulation works, but while scrolling the cursor constantly
moves from its current position to the right and bottom, no matter in
what direction I scroll. Is this normal?

Just for the record: Debian Sarge, 2.6.2-rc1-ben1, iBook G4

And BTW: why does your tool replace kernel emulation of right and middle
clicks? Can't you use normal kernel emulation and scrollwheel emulation
with your tool at the same time?

Bye, Michael

Abandon all hope, all ye who press Enter.

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