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Re: mp3blaster, xmms and ogg-files

On Fri, 2004-01-02 at 03:14, Vincent Bernat wrote: 
> OoO Peu avant le début de l'après-midi du  jeudi 01 janvier 2004, vers
> 13:24, Michel Dänzer <daenzer@debian.org> disait:
> >> > ALSA has  many problem, use the  OSS emulation instead of  native ALSA
> >> > and all should work fine. I have switched back to OSS drivers recently
> > So did  I in early 2.6.0-test, but  it's improved a lot  since then,
> > and I've realised how much more powerful ALSA is.
> Sure, even with  1.0.0rc2, many apps still are  unable to use properly
> the native  ALSA driver  (mplayer for  example)  

Yes, mplayer seems to be broken (not only) in this regard. As usual, it
works via SDL though.

> Another  drawback is that with ALSA  everything becomes complex.  With
> OSS, you   have /dev/dsp and  /dev/mixer.   You can easily  change the
> default sound card  with some symbolic  link.  With ALSA, you  have so
> many more devices, mixer settings can be very numerous (on my SB Live,
> there are at  least  20 of them  !)  and  there  is no simple way   to
> configure   this. 

I guess complexity is the price for flexibility. :) I hope it's only a
matter of time until someone writes an easy ALSA configuration tool

> BTW, does   there   exist  an ".asoundrc"  which  is system-wide ?

Sure, /etc/asound.conf, as mentioned in my other post. :)

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