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Re: Netgear wg511

On 13 Dec 2003 at 23h12, Ryan Verner wrote:


> > clock	: 667MHz
> > bogomips	: 663.55
> As a complete aside (sorry), is a bogomips this low normal; I always 
> thought PPC hardware outdid x86 hardware at the same Mhz rating?  My 
> 1.25ghz powerbook is rating something incredibly low, too.
> model name    : Pentium II (Deschutes)
> cpu MHz       : 349.075
> bogomips      : 697.95

Bogomips don't mean anything. Bogomips is about 2x MHz on x86, 1x on PPC. 
Just try CPU-intensive, unoptimized (ie, no mencoder as it has a lot of assembly) applications if you want to do benchmarks. 

You can also try some highly optimized things like dnetc if you just want to be happy ;-)


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