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Re: Netgear wg511

On 13/12/2003, at 11:43 PM, Everett Coleman II wrote:
gcc80x86@waterlily:gcc80x86# cat /.proc/cpuinfo
cpu		: 7450, altivec supported
clock		: 667MHz
revision	: 2.1 (pvr 8000 0201)
bogomips	: 663.55

As a complete aside (sorry), is a bogomips this low normal; I always thought PPC hardware outdid x86 hardware at the same Mhz rating? My 1.25ghz powerbook is rating something incredibly low, too.

For example, one of my x86 webhosting boxes is (not copied and pasted, just rewriting as I read from another screen):

model name    : Pentium II (Deschutes)
cpu MHz       : 349.075
bogomips      : 697.95


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