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pcmcia problems

Hi everyone,

I have a powerbook 1400 here with a newly compiled 2.4.23 kernel with
support for the onboard (previously unsupported) PCMCIA controller. Just to
clarify this is a 'Mach Kernel' image with no modules -- i.e. everything is
compiled in -- including all drivers relevant to the networking card and

I have a supported PCMCIA network card that works perfectly under MacOS.

I have installed the pcmcia-cs package - and it is configured and up and

When I insert the card cardmgr recognizes it, and initializes it. However,
it then goes into an endless loop trying to load the module (net/8390.o) for
the card.....  it is interesting to note that a quick ^c ifconfig -a shows
an eth0 where there was none before...

since i have compiled support for this module into the kernel there should
be no need to load a module methinks. I tried commenting out the line in
/etc/pcmcia/config-4 where it specifies the loading of that module.... upon
restarting pcmcia services, and inserting the card it is recognized, but i
still have no eth0...

I am in the process of recompiling the kernel with a separate module... but
is there any better way to handle this? (compiling takes quite a while even
on my 8500)

Thanks in advance,


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