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Re: 12' PB less supported than 15', 17' ?

Thanks for putting me straight,

I think I was getting a little overly pessimistic there! ;)


> On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 11:33, B. Bogart wrote:
>> the radeons above 9200 are not supported by X. :( Since ATI has not
>> released specs on the r300 chips.
>> nvidia chips have x86 only binary drivers....
>> ati drivers are also x86 only.
> Wow, don't go too fast :)
> XFree 2D will work fine, including Xv acceleration. It's 3D acceleration
> that isn't supported
>> I'm still getting a powerbook with the 9600, but I will not be able to
>> do much with debian. There may be a way to trick X into thinking the
>> 9600 is a 9200, anyone had luck with this?
> I expect my 2.6 and a snapshot of XFree CVS to work with full 2D accel
> on the 9600 Mobility as well. Sleep support is not in yet, but I'm in
> touch with ATI for getting that done, I don't know how long it will take
> though.
>> any way to support the cause and show ATI the value of thier linux
>> market? (I've already sent many mails to support@ati.com, all they do
>> is restate what we already know.)
> I have contacts within ATI, it just takes time for things to move on as
> we aren't a priority, but they are kind and try to be helpful.
> Ben.

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