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Re: 12" PB less supported than 15", 17" ?

> I have a small usb wireless dongle for 802.11 when I need it, and

What kind?  A friend gave me his Actiontec "802.11b USB Wireless
Adapter" (model # 802UI3, I guess) and I couldn't get it to work.
What are you using?  I'll buy one tonight.

> don't do anything that requires decent HW 3D acceleration :) 

Me neither :)

> I don't think that's quite fair.

I love the machine, but I'm frustrated and disappointed that my
"upgrade" has been hampered by uncooperative component manufacturers.
I wish I could suck it up and live in historically accurate austerity,
but I've been busy lately and feel I need something that I can just
open up and use (though it does boot very fast, so I can handle
non-sleep if I get the same USB dongle you have.

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