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Actiontec USB Wireless Success [was Re: 12" PB less supported than 15", 17" ?]

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 07:13:18PM -0600, I wrote:
> > I have a small usb wireless dongle for 802.11 when I need it, and
> What kind?  A friend gave me his Actiontec "802.11b USB Wireless
> Adapter" (model # 802UI3, I guess) and I couldn't get it to work.
> What are you using?  I'll buy one tonight.

I got the Actiontec working!  Thank you for writing in about this.  I
am so happy to be connected wirelessly again.  I was barking up the
wrong tree before because I didn't know it would work.

So now my PB G4 12" is tolerable and I am happy again and I rescind my
offer of a trade.

Though will love suspend-to-disk when Ben has written it...

Thanks all,


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