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Re: 12" PB less supported than 15", 17" ?


I don't think that's quite fair.

I own a G4 Powerbook (Albook) and it works BRILLIANTLY for me with Debian 
Woody. I don't even HAVE MacOSX on it.

Admittedly sleep would be nice. However, I have a small usb wireless dongle 
for 802.11 when I need it, and don't do anything that requires decent HW 3D 
acceleration :) All in all, a nice small, cute piece of kit!

On Thursday 11 December 2003 00:06, Orion Buckminster Montoya wrote:
> > 	My G3 iBook has died a premature death due to video card failure
> > and I am seeking to replace it with a Powerbook. I have read that Airport
> > Extreme is not supported due to driver license issues, is that correct ?
> Broadcom makes the chip in the Airport Extreme cards, and they are
> bastards who don't release specs.
> > 	Also, is the ATI Radeon 9600 found in the 15" and 17" AlBooks any
> > better supported than the NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5200 as installed in the
> > 12" PB ?
> I sold my G3 iBook and bought a 12" PB when they first came out and I
> regret it.  The G3 iBook remains a wonderful machine with everything
> supported; the 12" PB G4 is not yet supported for sleep or Airport
> Extreme, which is a huge problem for me since I'd completely built my
> (computing) life around 802.11b and portability.  I long for a system
> that supports these things again.  If I could have one feature and not
> the other, I might be able to use it, but for now (10 months?) I've
> been booting OS X 95% of the time and taking refuge in my x86 Sid box
> at work.  I trust that in time all the hard coding work necessary to
> support these chips will be done (and I wish I could do it myself),
> but it remains in the distant, hardly-foreseeable future.
> If you want to run GNU/Linux right now, don't get the 12".  If anyone
> wants to trade me a decent, recent iBook for my 12", I will seriously
> consider it.
> O.

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