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Re: also sound and lost cpu


> > The real issue is that I have run into one of my 2 cpu's literally
> > disappearing according to "top" and to its slower performance.
> Haven't seen that. Remind me the exact machine model and how
> do you reproduce that ? You can try using xmon-over-firewire
> from another machine to find out where the "other" cpu is
> gone ?

This is a Dual G4 1 gig Hz machine with 768 meg of memory.
As for how to recreate this problem, I am not sure yet...  All I know is that 
when editing a huge 20 meg or so text file in emacs, performance started to 
bog downand so I tried top in another window thinking that some cron job had 
started up and it reported only cpu0 and stated that it could not find/report 
on cpu1.

I ran other tests but could not determine what the problem came from and so I 
eventually restarted and both cpus showed up fine then.  

I will try one more clean rebuild with test11 and this time enable interrupts 
to both processors and try to recreate it in a more controlled manner.

I'll let you know if I find anything recreateable.


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