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also sound and lost cpu

Hi Ben,

I also seem to be having sound troubles with 2.6.0 that do not happen with 
2.4.23.  I have buyilt 2.6.0-test11 with i2c-keywest built in and not as a 
module so I can't try the rmmod trick.

I will rebuild and revert to keeping it a module.

The real issue is that I have run into one of my 2 cpu's literally 
disappearing according to "top" and to its slower performance.

This has never happened with 2.4.XX.  Has anyone else reported anything 
similar on their SMP machines.

If it matters, this is with HIGHMEM but without distributing irq/interrupts to 
every CPU.

I have since booted back into 2.4.23 and all seems fine again.


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