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Re: ibook display died!!

Thanks for your replies everyone. I hope the video chip is not gone cos my one
year warranty just expired a few days ago (awful timing!). Currently, some
times (once in maybe 15 tries) the display comes on, but everything freezes at
the "press l" or "press x" stage, so it no longer continues to boot either so
I'm now wondering if it's just a display problem or something more serious.. it
doesn't seem like a backlight issue and on the few occassions that I do see the
display (for a second before everything freezes), there are some sort of lines
that flicker on the screen... this just happens to be very bad timing too since
I'm at a conference and was about to use this to do a presentation today

Will contact Apple and see if they can do something... I'll post an update soon.
Thanks again!

> Weird... it's possible that your video chip smoked... never had report
> of that so far though. But well, those are fairly hot, so if the chip
> has an even small defect, it can cause an early failure after a while.
> Ben.

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