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Re: iBook G4 800MHz configuration


Mmmmh...yes, sorry, I tested lots of things, but my xserver still failed... :( Certainly I didn't make something(s), but I really tested and follow lots of instructions...

Before explain some of my actions, here my situation now:
when I launch "XFree86 -xf86config XF86Config-4.radeon", a black screen appear then slowly become white....

I saw this with differents ChipId.
What I did :
- compil / install xfree from CVS => failed
- installed xserver-xfree86-dri-trunk => failed
- Use the radeon module from CVS

Config file I use :
- XF86Config-4.radeon => failed
- XF86Config-4 from colin leroy => failed

I run the last kernel of benh with the "EXPORT_SYMBOL(vmalloc_start)" magic line (from Diana Galletly, thanks)

On time I success tu launch the xserver, but it was only in 800x600, in 8bits and with many lines at the right of the screen...It was with the XF86Config of Colin but I forgot exactly what was installed...too many tests...

If someone already saw the black/white screen and know the solution...It would be nice :)

Thank you.
Have a nice night.

PS: I see in the logs that the ATI Radeon Mobility 9200(M9+) with ChipId 5C61 & 5C63 was supported...And the ChipId of my card is 5C63! :'(



Michel Dänzer wrote:

On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 11:54, ioguix@free.fr wrote:
Please, just tell me how to make work the XFree86-dri-trunk

Basically, all you should need is
plus an appropriate ChipID, e.g. 0x5968 or 0x4c66 .

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