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Re: iBook G4 800MHz configuration


Did you received this last mail (see bottom)?

I tried some other things...
First I add "true" in the Option "UseFBDev" line that I forgot.
Then I tried with fbdev module from xserver-xfree86 sid package (a 4.2 I think)...I saw a stable X screen dring 1 second...before X shut with error of dependency (I don't have the error log here)...

So anyway...I you don't have time to answer me, maybe you know a good web page about this problem? a tutorial...?

Thank you very much,
Have a nice evening...


"When willl I sleep ??"

IoGuiX ''JGuillaume de Rorthais" wrote:

Michel Dänzer wrote:

So I think I need the dri-Mach64-sid packages, right? This is my problem?

No, this is just poor wording, it simply means 'No Mach64 detected'.

Ok, ...

PS: I tried with the ChipId tips, but I got a "dancing" X unusable...:D

What chip ID did you try? I'd try 0x4c66 (for a Mobility Radeon 9000).
Also make sure that radeonfb is running in console, and that you're
using Option "UseFBDev".
I tried with ChipId 0x514D (from http://www.desktop-linux.net/ati.htm)...It's the chip id of a radeon 9100 they said...

So..I tried this evening your last advices, but without results... :'(
I load radeon and radeonfb during the boot, I added Option "UseFBDev" in my conf...
I tried with and without dri...

I don't know what I can try...

I send some files (lspci -vv, modinfo radeon & radeonfb, XFree86 -version, XFree86Config-4 and lsmod ) in attachment if it can help you (to help me pleeease :) )...

Many thank....

(if needed, I can give access to my iBook via ssh...just ask by mail ;) )


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