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Re: minor sound issues on iBook with 2.6.0-test11

On 08/12/2003 at 14:37, news.malik@gmx.net wrote:

> this is a known problem that is yet unfixed. A workaround is to add the line
>   postinstall dma_pmac insmod i2c_keywest && rmmod i2c_keywest
> to /etc/modutils/alsa and run 'update-modules' as root. This will
> automatically 
> do the relevant part that made the sound work when you restarted alsa by
> hand.
> I'm not sure if the syntax is all correct as I don't have my iBook at hand
> right now.

Hi Joe,

thanks a lot for answering. Just for the record, I had to add

install snd-powermac    /sbin/modprobe -i snd-powermac ; ( /sbin/modprobe -ir i2c-keywest && /sbin/modprobe -i i2c-keywest )

in /etc/modprobe.d/alsaerror (it is module-init-tools syntax for 2.6).

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction :-).

> I guess the sound levels have been muted, run alsamixer[1], there's a
> channel called 'beep' or similiar which controlls the volume of beep
> stuff.

It's not a muted channel issue. There's a channel called "pc speaker"
(which I had enabled).

I saw something in syslog that I had missed before:

When I load pcspkr module, this two lines appear:

| Dec  8 16:35:49 [kernel] input: PC Speaker
| Dec  8 16:35:49 [input.agent] ... no modules for INPUT product 10/1f/1/100

And when I try to play a beep with beep command, I get these errors in

| Dec  8 16:35:56 [kernel] IN from bad port 61 at db406058
| Dec  8 16:35:56 [kernel] IN from bad port 61 at db4060d4
| Dec  8 16:35:56 [kernel] IN from bad port 61 at db4060d4

Does anyone have any ideas?

thanks again.


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