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Re: minor sound issues on iBook with 2.6.0-test11

> Hi,
> I've compiled Ben's 2.6.0-test11 this week for the first time on my
> iBook (2.3, g3 900MHz, w/ radeon M7).
> I have a couple of minor issues with it. Let me explain:
> 1.- alsa start on boot
> On system boot, alsa is started without any error; but when I try to
> play any sound, no sound at all comes out from the laptop: I launch play
> somefile.wav and it gives no errors at all complaining about devices or
> anything, it just does not make any sound at all.
> If I restart alsa (/etc/init.d/alsa restart). Everything goes fine from
> then on. It plays everything without any single problem.
> The last fact, makes me think that's not a mixer values problem. What do
> you think it could be the problem? (please let me know if I need to post
> any additional info).

Hi Kiko,

this is a known problem that is yet unfixed. A workaround is to add the line

  postinstall dma_pmac insmod i2c_keywest && rmmod i2c_keywest

to /etc/modutils/alsa and run 'update-modules' as root. This will
do the relevant part that made the sound work when you restarted alsa by
I'm not sure if the syntax is all correct as I don't have my iBook at hand
right now.

> This is what I have in /etc/default/alsa:
> startosslayer=true
> force_stop_modules_before_suspend=none
> alsactl_store_on_shutdown=true
> 2.- speaker beep
> With 2.4.*, I could use the speaker beep (it was "emulated" with
> dmasound_pmac, I guess). With 2.6 it does not work. When I run beep or I
> try to make the tty console to issue it's beep, no sound is played (I
> don't get any error, but neither any beep).

I guess the sound levels have been muted, run alsamixer[1], there's a
called 'beep' or similiar which controlls the volume of beep stuff.


Hope this helps, Joe

[1] IIRC alsamixer is part of the alsa-utils package you might need to

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