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Re: debianppc list and sven virus

Mick Weiss wrote:
I have no control over what is filtered in my mail so this is
extremely annoying. I have unsubscribed from the list till I will
start hosting my own e-mail. The e-mails are still coming regularly.
Till then I will have to use another e-mail and just read the
archives :-/

If anyone finds the root of this problem. Please e-mail me. I think
it may be the SVEN virus, but I'm still uncertain. I doubt that it is
coming from a linux box though. If you have Win32 running - please do
make sure that it isn't you.

As a generic suggestion to everybody, an ideal way to discover that your
system has been infected is to add an illegal e-mail address such as the
following  to your address book:

v.alert   virusalert@illegal_use_of_our_outbox.com

Any virus that uses your address book to spread itself will use this
address which is completely non-existant so it will bounce back to you
from your e-mail server. On seeing such a bounce, disconnect and begin

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