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Re: debianppc list and sven virus

I suppose you would only need to take these measures if you run Outlook or MS Messenger or Internet Explorer, n'est-ce pas? I don't run any of those, don't even have them on the system, use Moz for both browser & mail. So there's no way I can actually be infected, right? Just getting abused by the emails from infected systems. . .


David Oakes wrote:

As a generic suggestion to everybody, an ideal way to discover that your
system has been infected is to add an illegal e-mail address such as the
following  to your address book:

v.alert   virusalert@illegal_use_of_our_outbox.com

Any virus that uses your address book to spread itself will use this
address which is completely non-existant so it will bounce back to you
from your e-mail server. On seeing such a bounce, disconnect and begin

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