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Re: iBook G4 800MHz configuration


After spend some hours to sleep (ouf!), I just told me: "pfff...installe les
librairies gros beta :-/"...which mean in french that I was not very clean
before sleeping :D ...

SO, now, I success to compil XFree from CVS....I will go hahead in my
conifguration this evening...I need to go working :(



"Aide toi, le ciel t'aidera (mais alors, tu aura n'en aura plus besoin :D)..."

Selon ioguix@free.fr:

> Hello,
> I have just learned that I have to make a presentation this friday
> (about Squid) ...
> I could be very nice if I can use my iBook with the VGA out to do this
> presentation
> Please, just tell me how to make work the XFree86-dri-trunk or if I need
> to compil from CVS...
> The last time I had some information from michel Daenzer, I didn't
> success to make my xserver work...
> If someone have links to some docs about this subject...
> I already attach some configurations files to Michel Daenzer or David
> Pye with lots of files informations...So I will just send my logfile of
> xfree here (bottom)...
> many Thanks,

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