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Re: Ethernet problem -- Network completely dies

Did you build your own kernel? If so, which version? You might need a
small patch for that driver to work correctly.

On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 11:12:32PM -0700, Zach Archer wrote:
> >The 6500 has some quirks, I've got a couple of the 250 MHz model, and
> >have had plenty of annoyance dealing with these issues. Just to be sure,
> >if you do "ifdown eth0" then "ifup eth0", does it re-enable the
> >ethernet?
> Thanks, in fact if the computer's network has hung, then the command 
> "ifdown eth0" totally freezes the machine, and I have to do a hard 
> reboot.
> I did a little detective work, and the exact step in ifdown that 
> triggers the freeze is "ifconfig eth0 down".
> >Also, what ethernet card are you using? the onboard one?
> Yep, it's the onboard one.
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