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Re: Ethernet problem -- Network completely dies

On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 09:17:14PM -0700, Zach Archer wrote:
> Hi. I just installed Debian Woody on my PowerPC 6500/225. After the 
> initial shock, everything seems to be working and I've even set up 
> SSH accounts for my friends, and am hosting a webserver... Just like 
> a real system admin!!! Woo, Yay for me

The 6500 has some quirks, I've got a couple of the 250 MHz model, and
have had plenty of annoyance dealing with these issues. Just to be sure,
if you do "ifdown eth0" then "ifup eth0", does it re-enable the

Also, what ethernet card are you using? the onboard one?

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