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Re: WARNING: libc6 in unstable

Thanks. That worked and I'm back into Debian.  I downloaded the
tar.gz file and opened it in OSX.  Copied the files to my HFS partition and
rebooted using the Debian install CD 1.  Mounted the / partition and
the HFS partition and then copied the libc-2.3.1.so file over the
broken one.

rebooted and all is fine.



On Sat, Jul 12, 2003 at 11:03:59AM +0200, Mich Lanners wrote:
> On  12 Jul, this message from Joss Winn echoed through cyberspace:
> > Yep, this caught me out at midnight last night and I've yet to
> > tackle it.
> > I can only boot into runlevel two (where booting now stops).  It
> > won't let me login though.
> Yeah; not a lot you can do... I was able to mke it boot by specifying
> init=/bin/sh. However, I found no way to downgrade libc6 before I shot
> myself in the foot and was forced to boot from another disk....
> > My plan was to use the debian install cd 1 to boot and mount the
> > linux partition.  I should be able to downgrade from there, right?
> That should be possible... hmmm... I have put up a .tgz archive on my
> site containing just libc and its associated symbolic link. When booting
> from the install CD, you can untar that over the bad libc (from within
> /target/lib).
> It's available here:
> http://www.cpu.lu/~mlan/ftp/debian/libc6/
> > What is the downgraded command I should be using?
> I usd dpkg; I'm sure some apt-get can also do it, but I was too lazy to
> look it up. On my site I have put the relevant .debs; get them and
> insall them thus:
> dpkg -i libc6*deb locale*deb
> Cheers
> Michel
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