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Another quik/beige G3 boot attempt

I'm currently trying to boot a Beige G3 (OFv2.4) with quik, and I keep getting "CLAIM failed!" messages.
This topic has already been discussed on this list, but the solutions didn't work for me: here is what I did :
- downloaded System Disk 2.3.1 and applied the OF patch
- downloaded the modified first.b : quik-first.b-g3, copied it under /target/boot/first.b
- set auto-boot? to false and rebooted
At the OF prompt, i tried the following values for load-base (it seems that "CLAIM failed !" messages indicate an incorrect value for this setting) :
4000, 60000, 100000, 600000(NetBSD), and 1000000.
Did _someone_ succeed to boot a beige G3 using quik ?
If so, which settings could work ? (for example, change the real-base or something else)
(Please CC me in your replies ; I am on the list, but with another address, and pop access to the mail server is currently down)
Any help is appreciated,
Simon Vallet
Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon

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