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Re: WARNING: libc6 in unstable

On  12 Jul, this message from Joss Winn echoed through cyberspace:
> Yep, this caught me out at midnight last night and I've yet to
> tackle it.
> I can only boot into runlevel two (where booting now stops).  It
> won't let me login though.

Yeah; not a lot you can do... I was able to mke it boot by specifying
init=/bin/sh. However, I found no way to downgrade libc6 before I shot
myself in the foot and was forced to boot from another disk....

> My plan was to use the debian install cd 1 to boot and mount the
> linux partition.  I should be able to downgrade from there, right?

That should be possible... hmmm... I have put up a .tgz archive on my
site containing just libc and its associated symbolic link. When booting
from the install CD, you can untar that over the bad libc (from within

It's available here:


> What is the downgraded command I should be using?

I usd dpkg; I'm sure some apt-get can also do it, but I was too lazy to
look it up. On my site I have put the relevant .debs; get them and
insall them thus:

dpkg -i libc6*deb locale*deb



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