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Re: Need to get data out of damaged iBook

> Actually, this problem happens in Mac OS X as well.  If you check the 
> Apple iBook discussion forums under the Display topic, you'll find 
> hundreds of users with similar problems.  In fact, my iBook has the 
> exact same symptoms.
> From what I've read, and from friends whose iBooks have had the same 
> issues, nothing less than a full logic board repair would fix it.  It 
> IS covered by warranty, but those without it will have to shell out the 
> money :(

Yeah, I had to get the board replacement as well.

Do those forums have a solution?  Or is this something everyone with
ibook 2.2's can expect to happen regularly?

The few times mine has accidentally gone to sleep for me forgetting I've
been able to notice the fan kicking on and reboot immediately, which
seems to reset whatever glitch there is.  I'm sure that if I didn't
catch it, the board would overheat and fry again.


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