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Re: Need to get data out of damaged iBook

On Tue, May 13, 2003 at 05:07:25PM EDT,
£ukasz Studziñski (lstudzin@bacon.umcs.lublin.pl) wrote:
> So here is the challenge: I badly need files from /home on my iBook.
> /home is separate ext3 partition. It would be also nice to save my
> kernel config file (for benh10).

Start the copy over the network, then place the iBook in your
refrigerator.  I got all of my files (6+ gig) backed up that way, before
shipping the machine off to Apple.  That being said, after getting it
back from Apple (after the logic board replacement), my data was

And, I've been running ben10 for a couple of months now with no trouble.

Hope this helps :)


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