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Re: Need to get data out of damaged iBook

As far as I can tell, most of the posters agree that there's no specific "cause." Some think it was just a bad batch of logicboards that Apple got. There may be a bad capacitor, or solder somewhere that wears down with use and time. That may be why the iBook works fine for 10 months, then wonks out.

It seems to happen randomly. There're less reports of iBook 500's having the problem, and really a ton of affected 700's and 800's. But, I couldn't see any pattern.

Many of the users report that it's all but disappeared after the logicboard replacement, while others claim to have gotten the bad logicboard replaced with _another_ bad one. In which case, the newly repaired iBook wonks after only a few weeks, and has to get sent back again.

Who knows?

- David

On Tuesday, May 13, 2003, at 09:46 pm, Jack Moffitt wrote:

Actually, this problem happens in Mac OS X as well.  If you check the
Apple iBook discussion forums under the Display topic, you'll find
hundreds of users with similar problems.  In fact, my iBook has the
exact same symptoms.

From what I've read, and from friends whose iBooks have had the same
issues, nothing less than a full logic board repair would fix it.  It
IS covered by warranty, but those without it will have to shell out the
money :(

Yeah, I had to get the board replacement as well.

Do those forums have a solution?  Or is this something everyone with
ibook 2.2's can expect to happen regularly?

The few times mine has accidentally gone to sleep for me forgetting I've
been able to notice the fan kicking on and reboot immediately, which
seems to reset whatever glitch there is.  I'm sure that if I didn't
catch it, the board would overheat and fry again.


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