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Re: Need to get data out of damaged iBook

Actually, this problem happens in Mac OS X as well. If you check the Apple iBook discussion forums under the Display topic, you'll find hundreds of users with similar problems. In fact, my iBook has the exact same symptoms.

From what I've read, and from friends whose iBooks have had the same issues, nothing less than a full logic board repair would fix it. It IS covered by warranty, but those without it will have to shell out the money :(

In my case, my machine will remain stable indefinitely UNLESS I move the laptop in any way. The slightest nudge or tremor will induce rampant stripes and fuzziness on the screen. The external monitor is affected also, so it's not just the LCD. The actual machine simply freezes. SSH, FTP, nothing works.

Hope that help,

- David Zhou (dzhou@glue.umd.edu)

On Tuesday, May 13, 2003, at 05:42 pm, Jack Moffitt wrote:

Something happened to my iBook 2.2 - stripes started to appear on the
screen and then it crashed. When I turned it off an tried to turn on
again screen was just black. After I took out the battery and left the
computer with no power for some an hour I was able to start the computer and also Debian on it - but only for 10 minutes. I was only able to copy
a mere catalogue to my quick-and-dirty-arranged file server and the
iBook went down again. Now the computer is in Apple Service (Center?).

This sounds like the sleep patch bug that has cooked a few ibooks
(including mine some time ago).  Your data should be fine.  I sent mine
to apple support and paid the $50 (conditional if they need to replace
the hd and can back it up successfully) to have the data saved. It came
back fine, and they ddn't charge me the $50 which I assume meant that
the harddrive didn't need to be replaced.

Does anyone know if this problem is fixed in newer benh kernels?  I've
been absolutely paranoid of sleep since this happened.


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